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Welcome to my website
Hi there and welcome to my website.  Welcome to Las Vegas!!! 
Welcome to my world of beauty. My website may be simple. I assure you my knowledge about beauty is not. My passion about beauty goes beyond words and images. I am looking forward to sharing it all with you. Please go to my Instagram @vegasmua 
I feel that is the platform which allows me to share my work in pictures and videos as it happens. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me and chat with me about your makeup needs and wants.
I am either doing beauty stuff or at the gym working on my other passion, Inferno Hot Pilates.  

Portfolio of work
Photography by Jon Lorentz and hmua by yours truly for Canon USA 
Photography by Shellie @shelliemooneyphotography Hair and makeup by me
Caught in action...BTS...or simply, touch up :) 



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I hope that you enjoyed a little sampling  of my work. 
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Contact me: 
I am looking forward to reading your message. Please be specific about:
* what is that you need done
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* any specifications or things that are important to you makeup wise
Remember, I am a makeup artist, not Photoshop :)